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Pepenadores – Phase 2



Context social & business
Mexico has a highly developed recycling industry but also has a fragile waste management system. 

Danone aims to address end-of-life management of its products and secure its rPET sourcing needs.


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Mexico and its local partners Pasa, Ashoka and Mundo Sustentable co-created the “Pepenadores” project in Mexicali City to improve working and living conditions for Mexican waste pickers. The project has created a new Segregation Center and provides life skills training to educate and monitor Pepenadores so they recycle better. 


Impact social & business

The project supports Pepenadores in improving their conditions. Children and families also benefit from complementary services such as health coverage.

Danone Mexico strengthens its reputation and secures the sourcing of rPET for its brand, Bonafont.

General interest 
This project raises awareness about living conditions for waste pickers and the importance of waste management. It also aims to gain more recognition for waste pickers’ work.