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In Java Island, the Rejoso Sub-Watershedis currently facing serious threat such as erosion, illegal logging, changed of land use to cropland, unsustainable farming practices in recharge area and illegal drilling in discharge area. This situation triggered reduction of water quantity in the watershed. Besides that flooding, and high river pollutions also become a serious issue in the downstream area. Unfortunately there is a lack of environmental awareness among the populations and a lack of water resource regulation in the area.

Rejoso watershed becomes the 2nd largest water source for Danone AQUA’s business under Keboncandi Plant. Mineral water has to meet very strict quality standards for purity, composition, stability and nitrate levels. Protecting this watershed is highly critical to maintain the quantity and quality of Danone AQUA water which also ensure the business continuity and stability.


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Aqua, SII Foundation and ICRAF, co-created the “Pasuruan” project to protect and conserve Rejoso watershed through an integrated approach by establishing a multi stakeholders ‘Water Alliances’ (Public-Private Partnership). Thus, watershed planning and preservation are collaborative. By developing a water fund based approach (incentive-based conservation & water efficiency), it is expected to enhance people’s livelihood and attract potential contributors-partners.


This project protects & restores the watershed by reducing illegal drilling practices and supporting the implementation of a fair new local water resources regulation. It also develops water user alliance/board and the establishment of 2 sustainable models water fund.

This project ensures a stable water level meter in Keboncandi plant while securing the quality of Danone AQUA water supply in the region and establishing a new kind of relationship with local and national authorities. The project is a key element in contributing to AQUA’s license to operate in Indonesia.

General interest
This project addresses local social, economic and environmental issues in the watershed. It contributes water protection and efficiency by raising awareness on sustainable agriculture and eco-responsible practices.