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Strawberries Communities – Exit



Social & business context

Ukraine is facing significant rural migration to the big cities, leaving a lot of fertile land unused. Farmers have some experience of strawberry growing but lack equipment and agronomical expertise to scale up production.
Strawberries are the main fruit used in Danone products. Dantrade wishes to diversify the origin of strawberries sourced for Danone by developing local production. 

With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, DanTrade and its local partner Heifer Ukraine co-created the “Ukraine Strawberry Communities” project to support the development of a new sustainable sourcing of strawberries. A cooperative organization was established, which rents available farmlands and invests in equipment. The cooperative employs and trains farmers in the sustainable production of strawberries. 

Social & business impacts
This project creates new jobs and revenues for farmers and trains them in new skills. 
DanTrade is securing its local strawberry supply and can guarantee that its dairy products sold in the Ukraine are made with 100% Ukrainian strawberries. 
This project contributes to combating rural migration through job creation and supporting local economic development.