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Eyes Wide Open (IMIEP)



Context social

People with disabilities and specifically blind people living in Mexico City are isolated from the labor market. Mexico City authorities want to support social inclusion by providing them with allocated spots where they can sell products in the subway.

Context business 
Danone Mexico aims to develop new distribution channels for its Bonafont water products.


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Mexico and its local partner Ojos Que Sienten co-created the “Eyes Wide Open” project to train and empower blind people in Mexico City currently selling water in the subway. The project provides entrepreneurship training to support blind people, restore their self-esteem and encourage them to create new sales opportunities in the city of Mexico.


Impact social
The project improves working conditions, revenues and self esteem for blind people currently vending in the subway.

Impact business
Danone Mexico is developing a new micro-distribution channel for its products and giving more visibility  and accessibility to the Bonafont brand.

General interest 
The project supports the recognition of blind people in Mexico and encourages their social inclusion.