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Eating healthy, growing healthy




Inadequate infant nutrition can lead to obesity and iron deficiency. There is also limited knowledge about early childhood nutrition among Polish parents and day care centre professionals.

Danone aims to raise awareness about the specific nutritional needs of young children at different stages of development and the importance  of good nutrition.


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Nutricia and its partner the Comenius Foundation for Child Development co-created the “Eating Healthy, Growing Healthy” program, offering Ministry of Health-accredited  training  to young graduate nutritionists enabling them to work as educators specialized in the field of early childhood nutrition. 

As independent professionals and members of a network, they support the development of age-appropriate menus in day care centers, train staff and raise awareness among parents about proper early childhood nutrition.



This project contributes to improving children’s nutrition. It also creates jobs and opens the way for the profession of ‘nutrition educator’ to be developed.

Danone Nutricia is promoting understanding about infant nutrition and is creating stronger ties with nutrition professionals in Poland.

General Interest
This project contributes to the wellbeing and health of toddlers and increases knowledge about nutrition among parents and day care professionals.