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Children Magic

United States


In the USA, a growing number of infants and children depend on amino acid-based formulas for their daily nutrition. Health insurance does not provide coverage in all states to provide special allergen-free diets and the working poor are having difficulty accessing these products.

Danone aims to raise awareness of the difficulty for poor families in affording medical nutrition for infants and children.


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Nutricia North America together with its local partner CMNUA co-created the ”Children's Magic” project to improve access to amino acid-based formulas for infants and children suffering from food allergies. The project connects families so they can provide mutual support and educates them to better understand their children’s conditions. It empowers parents’ communities and builds an institutional coalition to make medical food affordable for children. It also supports these children’s parents in resuming work and recouping lost income. 


  • Impacts
This project gives families access to allergen-free medical nutrition. It improves the life conditions of infants and children and helps to reduce families’ medical fees.

Nutricia North America promotes appropriate nutrition for people suffering from food allergies by providing affordable amino acid-based formulas. 

General Interest
This project contributes to the health and wellbeing of children suffering from food allergies, and their families.