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Centre de formation, d’insertion et de développement professionnel par le sport d’Evian–Thonon–Gaillard



Since 2006, Danone, directly and through its subsidiaries in the Lake Geneva region (SAEME, Evian Resort), supports the project of the Regional Football Club, Evian-Thonon-Gaillard.

The club, on the edge of bankruptcy in 2005, now stands a very good track record with over 60 employees, about 50 volunteers and more than 750 young people playing football.

The club is progressing ("Ligue 2", then accepted in "Ligue 1"), becoming a regional emblem, and wishes to invest in developing its training policy and integration of young people practicing sports


The project consists in :

  • Creating a center of sports training and unit training apprentices in Publier, the city where Evian water plant of Amphion is located, cand where stands the Evian Masters Training Center and 2/3 of the Evian Masters golf.


  • Acting for local employment: promoting employability of dozens of young athletes per year by giving them access to qualifications and diplomas while practicing sports intensively and providing assistance in the conversion of professional athletes