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Cartoneros (phase 2)



Context social & business
Argentina, and more specifically the city of Buenos Aires, has put in place initiatives to support the development of the recycling industry and provide secure jobs for waste pickers.

Danone aims to increase the amount of recycled plastic (rPET) in its products and secure its sourcing needs.


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Danone Aguas de Argentina and its local partner, Avina, co-created the “Cartoneros” project to empower waste pickers in Argentina. The project invests in innovations development such as new technologies that add value to recyclable materials and in infrastructure, including several recycling sorting facilities in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, which operate under a cooperative model. It provides trainings to all actors and technical assistance to local cooperatives. The local partners also work closely to public authorities to support the implementation of public policies in favour of waste pickers’ recognition.



This project empowers waste pickers through management and life skills training and helps them to secure a fair wage.

Danone Aquas boosts its socially responsible image and supports the organisation and professionalization of the recycling industry in Argentina while securing its rPET supply.

General Interest
This project raises awareness about living conditions for waste pickers and the importance of waste management. It also aims to gain more recognition for waste pickers’ work through public policies.