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Bien nourrir nos bébés



Knowledge about toddlers’ (6 months to 3 years old) specific nutritional needs is poor in France and meals in day care centers are generally not adapted to suit their needs at different stages of development. There is also a shortage of day care places in France.

Bledina aims to raise awareness about infants’ specific nutritional needs at each stage of their development.


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Bledina France and its partners La Maison Kangourou and L'Annexe du Kangourou co-created the “Bien Nourrir Nos Bébés” project. New day care centers and a Baby Nutrition cooking center providing practical information to parents and early childhood professionals were created. Day care center professionals are also educated about children’s specific nutritional needs at each stage of their development.


This project contributes to infant health through appropriate nutrition and creates jobs in Day Care Centers.

Bledina aims to develop general awareness on the importance of adequate nutrition for toddlers and reinforces its standing in this field among professionals.

General Interest
This project builds expertise in day care centers and contributes to infant health.