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ActiVIDA (phase 2)



The ageing Spanish population is creating new challenges (dependency, mental illness, physical disability) and costing society a lot. Due to the global crisis, budget have been cut in the Spanish health care services, but care professionals can play a key role in slowing down loss of autonomy among elderly people.

Nutricia aims to raise awareness about the role of appropriate nutrition in maintaining autonomy and ageing well.


With the support of the Danone Ecosystem Fund, Nutricia Spain and Siel Bleu have developed a branded combined offer called “Activida”® delivering adapted physical training as well as individual nutritional advice and follow up in nursing homes. This program is provided to retirement home residents at a very affordable price by physical educators recruited and trained by Siel Bleu. 



“Activida” contributes to slowing down mental illness and preventing malnutrition and accidents, helping elderly people to maintain their autonomy. It also creates jobs for physical educators dedicated to this well-ageing purpose.

Nutricia offers a new product and service to its retirement home clients, creating differentiation and developing new relationships with health care professionals.

General Interest
This project contributes to the health and quality of life of elderly people.