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Mar 22 2017

World Water Day : focus on the Pasuruan project protecting the Rejoso watershed in Indonesia

Posted by Anne-Alice Fievet

Today, 22nd of March, is the World Water Day. Water access is one of the Sustainable Development Soals set by the UN for 2030, but access is not the only water-related issue. Indeed, quantity and quality are also factors impacting the level of water stress.

The Pasuruan project is addressing this issue for the watershed of the Rejoso river, in Indonesia. Numerous stakeholders depend on the same water spring: local communities, agricultors, and industries, in particular Aqua, 1st bottled water brand in Indonesia. Yet, the quantity and quality of the water has been decreasing over the past 10 years.

As the consequence, the project, co-created by Aqua, the Social Investment Indonesian Foundation and the World Agro-forestery Center, aims at improving the water management, in a collaborative way. Discover how the project concretely works in this article and in this video!

Photo credit : Cut Endah


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