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Mar 09 2015

The Sustainable Sourcing Community applaused on stage at the DanTrade Event

Posted by Camille Daveri

In 2014, the Sustainable Sourcing Community organized participative working groups among its members on 3 mains common “Challenges” on dairy farms sourcing faced by Danone and the  Ecosystem Fund’s  projects. On the 29th of January, the outputs of this challenges were presented on stage at the DanTrade Event in Amsterdam.

The Sustainable Sourcing Community was launched in March 2014 and is now gathering more than 110 Danoners and members of partner NGOs.

The community aims at solving common challenges related to sustainable farming and sourcing. 10 challenges were identified and 5 teams were set up to answer to 5 challenges. Only the 3 following challenges were solve after 9 month of work:

  • How to build farmers knowledge? Leaded by Abderrazak HALFAOUI, Social & Milk Sourcing Project Manager at DANONE Algeria and sponsored by Lydie de MEYER, Quality and Governance Director at Dan trade BV.
  • How to attract young people into farming? Leaded by Ersin GUNGOR, Farmer Dvt Executive at DANONE Turkey and Betigul ONAY OZMAN, Project Manager – YADAFoundation and sponsored by Charline BERRY HR Director at Dan trade BV.
  • How to increase small farmers productivity? Leaded by Anatoliy SHATKOVSKYY, Milk Project Manager at DANONE Ukraine and sponsored by Alberto BENAZZI at Dan trade BV.

Last January, DanTrade took the opportunity of its annual Event to invite the leaders of Challenges as spokespersons to present their output after more than 9 month of teams work.

The initiative was warmlu welcomed and the innovative outputs proposed were strongly applaused.

The 3 worlwide teams of Danoners and partners (NGO) did a great job and demonstrated a very stong commitment on these topics during 9 month. It’s time for us to thanks them and give some visibility to their work.

Thanks to… Romain PINAL (ELN, India), Michel CROUILLERE (Dan trade BV, Netherlands), Camila GARCIA (Bledina, Franve), Ken McCarty (McCarty Family Farms, US), Naoko TANIMURA (Danone Japan), Tetiana DANILYV (Heifer Ukraine), Sonny SUKADA (Aqua Indonesia), Stephanie DANIELS (Sustainable Food Lab, US), Olivier DARDE (Danone Group, France), Marie De MUIZON (Danone Group, Belgium), Wael REFAAT (Danone Egypt), Roberto COSTA (Danone Brasil), Annamaria CRAINIC (Heifer Romania), Hisham EL-SHAFIEAY (CARE Egypt)!

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