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Jun 13 2017

The Inter-American Development Bank & Danone announce partnership for inclusive and sustainable development

Posted by Anne-Alice Fievet

On June 9th, was launched a global partnership between Danone and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in Paris. The IDB, Danone, the Danone Ecosystem Fund, and the Livelihoods Funds are co-signer of this partnership. For Danone, it is a step further in the building of a more inclusive and sustainable economy in Latin America, along with partners and friends.

Left to right: Emmanuel Faber (Danone CEO), Luis Alberto Moreno (IDB President).

The scope of the partnership is broad and ambitious, with five key areas for cooperation:

  • Fostering sustainable agriculture;
  • Supporting inclusive recycling;
  • Protecting watersheds;
  • Increasing clean water access;
  • Driving CO2 reduction.

The first contact with the IDB was made thanks to the Kiteiras Ecosystem project (micro-distribution in Brazil). Then, the IDB decided to also work with us on recycling project in the region (Cartoneros and Novo Ciclo, mainly).

This partnership will help us to scale some existing Ecosystem projects in Latin America, but we will also create new joint projects with innovative hybrid models, tackling inequalities and unsustainable development in the region.

Congratulations to the Ecosystem teams who helped making this happen, with their strong co-creation spirit!


To know more, read the official press release here.


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