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Mar 16 2017

The biogas from Terrag’reau methanization plant is now injected into the public gas distribution network of Evian region!

Posted by Anne-Alice Fievet

Great news on the Terragr’eau project in France!

After the finalization of the methanization plant construction and its activation in late October, the project teams opened the gate to officially inject the biogas produced by the plant into the public distribution network!

Indeed, the plant is treating manure from cow farms of the evian watershed. The decomposition of these organic matters produces a gas, called a biogas, which is a renewable energy and is now used by the local communities. The French national gas provider (GRDF) had been running quality control tests of the gas for a few months and delivered a Certificate of Injection Compliance on March, 13th.

Cathy Le Hec, the Danone project manager, opened the gate on March, 14th, along with our the President of our partner organization on this projet (Communauté des Communes du pays d’Evian).

To understand better the Terragr’eau project, check this infographics, the project page on the Ecosystem website and see the project video!


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