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Nov 17 2016

TERRAGR’EAU : biodigesters are on !

Posted by Julie Viglione

After a one-year period of construction works, Terragr’Eau methanisation plant has started operations in October 2016.

Terragr'Eau biodigesters

Supported by a 850 k€ Ecosystem Fund contribution, the site has begun to treat manure from 41 cow farms of evian watershed. The decomposition of these organic matters produces a gas, called a biogas, a renewable energy used in the local gas provider network for households.

Next step, in spring 2017, will be the spreading of the digestate on agricultural land by a dedicated farmers cooperative. Digestates are solid and liquid residues created by the process of methanisation. They contain residual organic matter and fertilising elements that can be recycled through agricultural spreading.
Ecosystem Fund also supports the cooperative with a 650 k€ contribution to help it buy the proper spreading and traceability equipment and work with experts to assess the correct amount of digestate to use. The purpose is to rethink entirely fertilisation practices by ensuring balanced fertiliser doses on evian watershed to eliminate nitrate risks from unadequate spreading.




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