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Apr 07 2017

Sustainable sourcing projects among the finalists for ‘Best Collaboration Effort’ award by SEDEX

Posted by Anne-Alice Fievet

Great piece of news! Danone Ecosystem sustainable sourcing projects were selected by SEDEX, an international responsible sourcing organization, among the 3 finalists for the ‘Best Collaboration Effort’ award.

Yesterday (April, 6th), during the Sedex Conference in London, the sustainable sourcing projects were highlighted for their impacts and innovative models. The H’lib Dzair project in Algeria was showcased as a great example of sustainable sourcing initiative!

THANK YOU to all Danone CBUs and non-profit partners who lead the way!
And congratulations to the award winner, AMC Munoz Spain!

To know more: What is SEDEX?

Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) is a dedicated online information-sharing and pooling platform used by many companies in the food and beverage sector. It allows their suppliers to enter information regarding their production sites’ ethical management practices, sustainable development and societal responsibility policies, and share this information with several customers at once. Danone’s responsible sourcing program works with SEDEX (except for raw milk producers who have a specific program).


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