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Jul 26 2017

Feed Challenge: have a look at the Sustainable Sourcing Community knowledge on animal feeding!

Posted by Anne-Alice Fievet

The Sourcing project managers from both Danone and our NGO partners have worked for one year and a half to gather and formalize their knowledge and best practices around animal feeding, with the help of internal and external experts from the Sustainable Sourcing Community!

Animal feeding is a critical topic for farmers, as it can help improving significantly the quantity and quality of milk produced, while reducing their costs.

Indeed, circular economy can be a good lever for cost reduction: it is often possible for farmers to use local byproducts (tomatoe’s pulp, wheat bran, …) to feed their cattle. You will find 6 concreate example in the work of the community below.

In a nutshell, as Sambhaji Palve, project manager of Punjab 2020 in India puts it:

” With the fast shrinking of arable lands and natural resources, availability and quality of feed is increasingly becoming a challenge. Feeding byproducts to the cows can be a way to enhance milk quantity and quality and reduce feed costs.

All the work of the Community is available in open source :

  • please find here the 10 golden rules for farmers in terms of animal feeding: feel free to print this poster and put it on your barns’ wall!
  • Here is the booklet with detailed explanations on the golden rules, with pratical tips and examples of local feed ration in India, Romania, Tunisia, Algeria, Senegal and Indonesia!


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