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Nov 24 2014

“Eating healthy, growing healthy” project inauguration

On friday, 14th of November, an inaugurational conference was organized to honor the launch of the “Eating healthy, growing healthy” ‘s program approved by the SIC in June 2014

The opening conference was attended by, among others: dietitians starting the training, representatives of the programme partners, representatives of key stakeholders and journalists. Guillaume Lefebvre with Siel Bleu (Spain) was a special guest. He presented the results and effects of the ActiVIDA project. The project was intended to make seniors more active, e.g. through a system of training courses for caretakers and healthcare professionals. The project, similarly to the measures under the Eating healthy, growing healthy project, is financially supported by the Danone Ecosystem Fund.

During the discussions, representatives of the program partners –  the Comenius Foundation for Child Development, Mother and Child Institute, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Academic Business Incubators and NUTRICIA Foundation – talked about the role of day care centers  and pre-schools in preventing the spread of obesity among Polish children; they also explained how the main objectives of the program will be achieved, that is shaping good nutrition habits among children and increasing the healthy nutrition awareness among persons working with children and among parents.

An additional attraction of the event took the form of culinary workshops for pre-schoolers, who made snacks admired (and tasted) by the event participants. Every child that took part in the workshops received a commemorative book and a diploma.

The conference took place in the Zebra Tower building at Mokotowska 1, in a glazed room of the start up BusinessLink on the 12th floor, with a beautiful view of Warsaw. The meeting was run by Paweł Pochwała, journalist and anchor at Polish Public Television’s “Tea or Coffee” morning show.


The “Eating healthy, growing healthy” program is implemented in response to the research results showing errors in child nutrition that lead to obesity and obesity-related diseases. The program intends to convince employees of day care centers and pre-schools as well as parents that proper nutrition of the youngest children is one of the foundations of their proper development. In the course of the program, for the next 3 years, 180 dietitians will participate in a series of courses organized by the Warsaw School of Life Sciences in cooperation with the Institute of Mother and Child. It will improve their competences as regards the role of nutrition in the early stages of life. The Comenius Foundation for Child Development will provide training in communicating and working with small children.

An important element of the “Eating healthy, growing healthy” program involves teaching dietitians about entrepreneurship, which will open the way to independent professional practice as educators. Academic Business Incubators will play a crucial role here. Program participants will receive a service package of ABI, which will make it possible for them to use the base of ABI without the necessity to incur the costs connected with running business activity, including a package of training courses, during which they will learn how to run and manage their own business.


Let’s see some pictures of the event :



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