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Jun 15 2017

Eating Healthy, Growing Healthy is gaining momentum in Poland!

Posted by Anne-Alice Fievet

The Eating Healthy, Growing Healthy project was co-created by Danone Nutricia Poland, along with the Comenius Foundation for Child Nutrition. It aims to raise awareness about the role of nutrition in the development of toddlers and young children in nurseries and kindergartens, so that children eat a balanced diet and adopt good nutritional habits.

Created in 2014, the project already reached impressive results:

  • 2,526 Day Care Centers and Kindergardens are now registered to the Eating Healthy Growing Healthy program;
  • 8,360 nursery and kindergarden staff have been trained…
  • … by 170 nutritionists, that are working in 15 Polish provinces…
  • … and have conducted about 13,500 workshops!


Thanks to these achievements, the project has been recognized by several important stakeholders lately:

  • Eating Healthy, Growing Healthy entered the top 10 list of most significant Education Business Activities, among more than 270 actions;
  • It also received special mention in the CSR POLITYKA compilation of projects that support the achievment of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals;
  • The partner now receives subsidies from the Ministry of Health to support nutrition educators in educating parents of children aged 0-3, and improve the knowledge of proper nutrition and diet planning of staff members.

Congratulations to the Polish teams!



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