GISELE F. DE FIGUEIREDO, Micro-distributor in Brazil favelas I had been selling other brands products before, but it wasn t as successful as I expected. The feeling is great you know? I feel satisfied, rewarded and valued. I d like to thank Danone for this project and for giving me the chance of growing professionally.

ANTONIO APARECIDO ALMEIDA, Waste picker in Brazil What really changed my life was a new way of thinking. I was used to think we were always one step behind other citizens and forever fated to live this way. With Novo Ciclo we started to realize that we are much more than we thought. We are not just pickers. We are citizens with rights.

PRAPTI, Family farmer in Indonesia Our first flock had zero death this is one of our success points. We received a lot of positive sides of the project, a lot of knowledge. Personally I became a bravest person, I gained self-confidence.

MARIA, Mother who has been provided nutritional advice from a nurse, Romania I met people with a great desire to help, they gave me confidence and they empowered me. I left prepared to make the right choices with knowledge from people I trust.

MONICA UNGUR, Nurse in Romania For me this course was a change of life. I remember when I got home and looked at the money received, it was a huge joy. It was like I was flying back home.


Head of «Pays d Evian Community of Communes» The Terragr Eau project has a significant impact at our level in terms of employment. It enables us to preserve the jobs that are linked to the Evian water bottling plant and it also contributes to the direct creation of ten jobs related to the methanation process itself. Lastly, it generates the indirect creation of jobs on farms.