Social Improve family farmers revenue and life conditions and develop agronomical sustainable practices

Business Reinforce sustainable sourcing for Danone creating new purchasing channels

Business Provide new distribution channels for the company Products with additional services

Pantone 305 C

Pantone Reex Blue C

Social Foster social inclusion through micro-business creation mainly for people in precarious situations


Additionnal turnover:

Milk sourced:

10M /year

10% CBU need on average

A new step for the dual economic and social project of Danone: a review of 5-years of co-creation to support our Ecosytem The Danone Ecosystem Fund has enabled the co-creation of innovative business models that help align Danone s long-term growth with those of smaller local economic players that are connected to its business. In order to ensure that the projects are sustainable, the Fund contributes to the development of local organizations (cooperatives, institutes, schools). The Danone subsidiaries that are involved in these projects have a competitive advantage. This advantage comes from new raw material supply chains (milk, fruit, rPET), new product distribution channels for their products and complementary services offerings related to infant and medical nutrition. To date, the projects have contributed to the development of the professional activity of 31,000 people; this, in turn, benefits 2 million people.