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The Guidance Committee determines the Fund’s overall strategy and investment principles. It issues recommendations and opinions for the completion of the Fund’s objectives and any global partnerships with nonprofit organizations. It shall meet twice per year.
With Franck Riboud as chairman, the board is made up of members from the Danone Executive Committee as well as key figures from civil society, political world and Trade Union world.

The Board of Directors is the operational decision-making body of the Fund. It meets at least 4 times per year according to the validation of projects by the Social Innovation Committee.
The Board determines the amounts and nature of investments and identifies priorities.
It monitors implementation and control the coherence of projects in respect of the general guidelines proposed by the Guidance Committee.

The Social Innovation Committee examines the proposals and ensures that projects are consistent with Danone policy and the purpose of the Fund. The S.I.C meets every month and acts by delegation of the Board of Directors to propose action principles, prioritise projects and validate those proposed by Danone’s subsidiaries.

The Fund Team assesses projects and puts together proposals to be presented to the SIC by the GM. With Danone’s subsidiary, the Fund team is in charge of the operational follow-up and the economic and social impact assessment of the project.