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Mission & scope

The creation of the Danone Ecosystem Fund was approved at the Danone General Meeting held on 23rd April 2009. It is managed under the regime governing endowment funds with general interest purposes.

What is an Endowment Fund ?

“The endowment fund is a legal, non-profit entity in private law, which receives and manages, by capitalization, property and rights of any kind contributed thereto irrevocably and without consideration, and uses the income from the capitalization for the purpose of completing a work or task of general interest, or redistributes said income to assist a non-profit legal entity in the accomplishment of its works and tasks of general interest”.

(cf. Article 140 of Law n°2008-776 dated 4th August 2008 on Modernization of the Economy, Official Journal of 5th August 2008)


The Fund is intended to strengthen and develop the activities of the partners who make up Danone’s ecosystem: farmers, suppliers and subcontractors, transport and logistics operators, distributors, territories & local authorities….

The Fund can carry out actions in the following areas:


Aid to the strengthening of economic activities to create jobs.


Support to the development of skills and integration actions, in particular through training.


Aid to the set-up of economic activities and entrepreneurial projects to create jobs and support to the development of small and medium-sized companies.

The Fund will finance initiatives that must first have been identified by Danone subsidiaries in the territories where they operate: creating activities in conjunction with Danone’s business lines (such as micro-food retailers); running professional reintegration schemes around plants, to help get people back into work; running skills development programmes for local suppliers.

It will act in cooperation with partners such as NGOs, micro-credit organizations or consultancies.
Also, the Fund will only support suppliers whose practices comply with the RESPECT programme (Danone’s charter of fundamental social rights).