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Projects communication material


Have a look at the infography on Danone 3 Social Innovation Funds present in the 2014 Sustainability Report.

Some of the Ecosystem Fund projects are really well explained thanks to nice infographics:

  • Discover the story of the Indonesian wastepickers of the Pemulung project led by Bina Swadaya and Aqua HERE
  • Get to know what is the Semilla project, co-created by Cauce Ciudadano, Ashoka and Danone Mexico HERE
  • Check the Milk Collection Communities model deployed in Egypt by CARE and Danone Egypt HERE
  • The Klaten project has been replicated in China: discover Eco-Longmen, co-created by Danone Waters China and IUCN HERE
  • In Ukraine, strawberries harvest has started : check out the Strawberries Communities project, co-created by DanSource and Heifer Ukraine HERE
  • Discover how the catchment area of water-springs are protected through a methanisation process in France, HERE.
  • You can also download the infographies from the Women Empowerment booklet :

    Social School for women empowerment





    Stand by Mums

    Milk communities Ukraine



Download here a document to know more about the Ecosystem KPIs & Financial reporting process.